Contract Management

Service Desk Management

Workflow and Process

Contract Management

SaaSam implements Agiloft’s five-star contract management solution which is proven to reduce bottle necks and automatically create a full audit trail for every contract.

A streamlined approval process and a secure centralised repository with integrated workflows – email alerts, PDF generation and more – makes it easy to create new contracts and to associate them with assets, services, products, contacts, accounts, vendors and opportunities.

Like the software, implementation is straightforward and efficient. Solutions must work for you, not against you, which is why SaaSam will customise Agiloft’s contract management suite to fit your business model and provide quick-smart implementation. We give you complete control – every contract at your fingertips.

Uncompromising value

  • Never miss a contract deadline again 
  • Increase efficiency and lower costs  
  • Reduce human errors and their cost to your business 
  • Reduce time spent chasing contracts 
  • Combine all your contract management templates and records in one place 
  • Have more time to make sales and grow your profile

For more information about the Agiloft Contract Management Suite, get in touch.

Register for the free edition of Agiloft

The free edition meets the needs of growing businesses and can be used by larger organisations to evaluate the product's features and scalability at no cost.

What you'll get with the Free Edition:

  • Free online training
  • Product documentation
  • Tutorial videos
  • Free support for the first 30 days

Service Desk Management

With SaaSam’s expert consultancy and configuration, Agiloft’s service desk suite consolidates your operations according to your needs. We will support you to reach the right people with the right information, reduce response times, close tickets faster, and improve consistency and communication across the board.

The secret behind Agiloft’s software is its agility. This incomparable technology platform allows deep customisation across all applications, giving you complete control over every interface 24/7. As your wants and needs change, the system adapts to your business – forget custom codes of the past.

We are proud to provide a world-class system without the hefty price tag. 

Uncompromising value

  • Work flow automation
  • Branded interface 
  • Self-service portal
  • Configurable ticket assignment
  • Reduce response times
  • Close tickets faster 
  • Consistent processes

For more information about the Agiloft Service Desk Management Suite, get in touch.


Workflow and Business Process

Agiloft’s fully configurable workflow management automates and manages even the most complex task flows and processes. We embrace the constant change technology affords us – to deliver powerful functionality, customisable business rules and flexible templates. With Agiloft workflow management, we’ve fought the need to spend weeks over engineering solutions – workflow should flow. 

We give you the power to control status and state transitions, to configure your business rules to update data in linked records and external systems, and to apply parallel and sequential task templates to all workflows.

​Uncompromising value

  • Trigger the creation of task templates or approval workflows as needed for each project type
  • Automate frequently executed workflows such as new employee, partner or customer onboarding
  • Automatically integrate all of your processes with essential data such as employee and asset information
  • Enjoy a single extensible framework that adapts to your evolving business, without having to program
  • Drag and drop custom design layouts in minutes; build and document your system's actual behaviour as you design it
  • Capture and manage your data across a full range of fields
  • Support and track clients with individual relationship diagrams of hardware and software

For more information about the Agiloft Workflow and Business Process Management Suite, get in touch. 

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