With SaaSam’s expert consultancy and configuration, the Agiloft service desk suite consolidates your operations according to your needs. We will support you to reach the right people with the right information, reduce response times, close tickets faster, and improve consistency and communication across the board.

The secret behind Agiloft’s software is its agility. This incomparable technology platform allows deep customisation across all applications, giving you complete control over every interface 24/7. As your wants and needs change, the system adapts to your business – forget custom codes of the past.

We are proud to provide a world-class system without the hefty price tag. 

Bring agility and control to your IT service operations.

The Flexible ITIL Service Desk is an alternative version of the Flexible Service Desk Suite. It includes all of the elements of the standard suite, integrated with ITIL terminology and preconfigured to include processes for Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, Configuration Items, Purchase Requests, and more.

Enhance your operational agility

with a system that easily adapts and scales to grow with you as your business evolves, so there's never a risk of outgrowing the system.

Implement ITIL your way

with a flexible data model that can be rapidly customised to manage the services, relationships, and process flows that are right for your organisation.

Deliver high-quality service

through a fully-integrated system that improves visibility and control through every step of your IT service processes.

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Uncompromising value

  • Work flow automation
  • Branded interface 
  • Self-service portal
  • Configurable ticket assignment
  • Reduce response times
  • Close tickets faster 
  • Consistent processes

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