Agiloft FAQs

Can I be billed monthly or quarterly?

All subscriptions are billed annually, unless a multi-year term has been arranged. Licenses purchased partway through your billing cycle are prorated based on the number of months remaining for the current term.

What’s the difference between On-premise subscription and Hosted service?

The pricing tiers are the same for both on-premise subscription and hosted service. With hosted service, we maintain the infrastructure and all you have to do is log in. On-premise customers maintain their own servers and are responsible for installation, upgrades, and backups.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts to government, educational, and qualified non-profit organizations. Volume discounts are available starting at 25 licenses. Contact us to find out more.

Can I try Agiloft for free? Do you need credit card information?

You can try it for free today. Agiloft’s Free Edition is always free and no billing information is required to sign up. You can quickly set up a free hosted project or download and install it on a server you manage. The Free Edition can be used to evaluate the product’s features and scalability at no cost. The free hosted trial project remains available indefinitely, as long as you log in at least once every 30 days.

Do I need a paid support plan?

All Agiloft subscriptions come with Standard Support: a 24/7 web portal to submit tickets and view FAQs, telephone and chat support during standard business hours, and all upgrades and enhancements to the software. Premium Support plans are available for customers who need assistance outside of standard hours, and include a designated support representative, priority case routing, and a system health check. Premium support packages are available for both hosted and on-premise subscription customers.

We use Google docs, can you integrate with that?

Yes. Agiloft can streamline and automate your processes with full integration to Google.

Can you use our existing identity management systems?

Yes. Agiloft provides simply managed but powerful security with transparent access with Google Single Sign-On, Active Directory or LDAP.

Can we customise the business process implemented by the software?

Yes. Use Agiloft’s easy drag and drop workflow editor to make it work your way.

Can you link into our Office tools so that users get reminders etc. about tasks they are involved with?

Yes. Agiloft makes it easy to keep your staff on track by sending them reminders and assignments via email.

Can I easily see my position in real time?

Yes. Agiloft’s custom charts and reports will paint the picture for you.

Does the system implement a full security model that I can use to ensure appropriate access and authorisation?

Yes. If some staff don’t need the information then just lock it away from view with group permissions.

Is it possible to ensure that the a consistent process is followed?

Yes. Satisfy the ‘powers that be’ and optimise your processes by letting Agiloft document and enforce workflow.

What are the differences between your Service Desk, CLM, and Workflow/BPM products?

All Agiloft products are built on the same robust platform that is fully configurable and adaptable to your organization’s changing needs. Service Desk applications focus on internal or external support, while Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) includes advanced contract lifecycle management features like contract authoring and print templates, approval workflows, contract comparison, clause library and e-signature integration. To map a custom process, our Workflow/BPM product is appropriate. Give us a call and we’ll help you determine which product is the best fit for your needs.

What is a Portal User?

We offer a license for an unlimited number of portal users which provides access to built-in, customizable portals. Portal users interact with the system only through a simplified interface, or portal, and they do not have access to charts and reports. They can create tickets or requests and view any records they are permitted to view. Their edit permissions are strictly limited to editing records they own, such as their own requests.

  • In a Service Desk deployment, portal users would typically be the customers or internal employees submitting tickets to the system.
  • In a Contract Management deployment, portal users may be vendors or customers with permissions-based access to their contracts and other documents such as W–9s, onboarding documents, and performance reports.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, Agiloft and SaaSam take security very seriously. All access to hosted servers is encrypted through use of SSL technology. A firewall restricts server access, and for customers who elect to use a dedicated server or deploy on-premise, we can configure the firewalls to only allow access from specific IP addresses. 

We need to audit who has done what in the system, does the application facilitate this?

Yes. Agiloft manages all the details of who, what and when with a full audit trail.

Can you help us automate our business processes?

Yes. Agiloft helps you map it all out and makes sure your contract and document management, repair tracking, or totally custom processes become one single efficient system.

Is it possible to automate actions that could take place automatically?

Yes. Agiloft has a powerful business rules engine that turns your workflows into little silent robots that work 24/7.

Is there the ability to search?

Yes. Agiloft’s clever search engine can hunt through millions of records to give you what you’re looking for in seconds.

Can I output information from the system so that I can manipulate it or send to people like accountants?

Yes. Agiloft provides full Excel integration.

Can different teams be presented with different views of the information?

Yes. Then let your staff put their stamp on the application with their own customisable home page.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Just contact the SaaSam team and one of our consultants will help you with whatever tricky questions you may have.


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