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Agiloft Contract Management

SaaSam implements the Agiloft contract management solution which is proven to reduce bottle necks and automatically create a full audit trail for every contract.

Effortless contract management and integration

A streamlined approval process and a secure centralised repository with integrated workflows – email alerts, PDF generation and more – makes it easy to create new contracts and to associate them with assets, services, products, contacts, accounts, vendors and opportunities.

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Seamless implementation

Like the software, implementation is straightforward and efficient. Solutions must work for you, not against you, which is why SaaSam will customise the Agiloft contract management suite to fit your business model and provide quick-smart implementation. We give you complete control – every contract at your fingertips.

Agile CLM that works the way you do

Contract repository

Immediate insight

Get immediate access and visibility to all your organisation's contracts. Configurable dashboards, charts, reports and saved views provide repository information in flexible formats.

Smooth search function

Find any contract or clause in an instant, with a full-text search of contracts and attached files. OCR converts image files such as JPG or PDF into fully searchable text documents.

Instant templates

Create unlimited templates for any contract or workflow process quickly and easily.

Template and clause libraries

Contract templates

Create contracts instantly using standardised approved language with contract templates or dynamic clause libraries of fully customizable language for each agreement type.

Streamlined language management

Manage language across contracts by clause type, usage, priority, status, team, owner, contract templates, or any other key terms.

Custom field comfiguration

Add and configure custom fields for specific clause library requirements quickly and easily.

Approval workflows and execution

Simplify approval routing automation

Automate even the most complex approval routing process including a combination of sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.

External workflow management

Manage workflows with outside parties through vendor/client portals using integrated email and SMS messaging.

Contract reviews

Streamline contract reviews with automated track changes and version control. Built-in Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration give you secure, legally enforceable e-signature capability.

Uncompromising value

Never miss a contract deadline again 

Increase efficiency and lower costs

Reduce human errors and their cost to your business 

Reduce time spent chasing contracts tick

Reduce time spent chasing contracts 

Combine all your contract management templates and records in one place tick

Combine all your contract management templates and records in one place 

Have more time to make sales and grow your profile tick

Have more time to make sales and grow your profile

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Register for the free edition of Agiloft contract management

The free edition meets the needs of growing businesses and can be used by larger organisations to evaluate the product's features and scalability at no cost.

What you'll get with the Free Edition:

  • Free online training

  • Product documentation

  • Tutorial videos

  • Free support for the first 30 days

For more information about the Agiloft Contract Management Suite, get in touch.


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