Farmax improves data integrity and customer engagement with new CRM solution.

​Farmax provides farm modelling software to sheep, beef and dairy farmers across New Zealand and around the world. At its core, Farmax is a computer model that is used by both farmers and farm consultants to make feed planning simple and accurate, helping farmers to quickly assess their options.

Backed by great science and great industry partners, Farmax has evolved to become New Zealand’s “standard” for assessing options for pastoral systems. Farmax used a bespoke software package to record information about the users of their software, but this allowed them to record only basic details. The vast amount of data meant that any analysis of their customers required spreadsheets and a lot of guesswork.

At a glance

INDUSTRY: Farm Modelling Software

Business Objectives:

  • Increase visibility of customer data 
  • Formalise management of customer contact 
  • Streamline customer billing

Business Benefits:

  • Improved processes and data management 
  • Greater accuracy in customer dealings
  • Increased sales and customer engagement 
  • Staff now confident they have the right tools to work effectively

Agiloft Customer Relationship Management

Other contacts, sales leads and trial users were dealt with the same way. Calls to the HelpDesk were not recorded, meaning that Farmax wasn’t sure how many calls they were receiving and what the customer pain points were. Follow-up tasks and calls were passed via emails or post-it notes. Customer billing was handled via a complex, time intensive manual process that gave staff no visibility of what products customers were using and how much they were paying. In short, Farmax needed a system to help them keep track of their customers and products so they could make a step change in their sales and service.

Farmax evaluated all the namebrand CRM solutions. Their main criteria were that the system be highly customisable so it could be tailored to their specific business needs, but it also had to be cost effective and easy to use. 

After some analysis, Farmax found that most solutions were not as flexible as they hoped, and that their license models made the software very expensive for small businesses.
But Agiloft provided all the flexibility that was needed at a surprisingly good price point. New Zealand based Agiloft Partner, SaaSam, was engaged to configure the system quickly and efficiently – in less than 100 hours!

Farmax now enjoys all of the benefits of the Agiloft Customer Relationship Management solution:

  1. Agiloft is flexible and is customised to Farmax’s specific business model. With help from the SaaSam team, Farmax could integrate all the existing data and configure the system to match their unique requirements.
  2. Agiloft’s prebuilt tables and custom modules support the entire cycle from lead to cash with an integrated system for lead, opportunity, implementation, installation work orders, fixed assets, shipping, billing, technical support and service work orders.
  3. Farmax were able to do the initial implementation in a very short timeframe and continue to utilise Agiloft to configure more of their business processes.
  4. With Agiloft, Farmax employees are able to view all customer data in a centralised view rather than try and access relevant information from disparate sources.
  5. Searches are easy to build and very flexible to use, rendering data accessible and meaningful.
  6. Agiloft allows Farmax to create complex customer invoices with a click of a button.
  7. There are no charges for additional modules or functionality, so rolling out additional processes is pure added value.

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