Premier Lotteries Ireland Testimonial

Talia brings a spirit of positivity wherever she goes and doesn’t let things get her down. Talia's knowledge of the Agiloft platform goes unchallenged, it is second to none. 

Talia has consistently and patiently practiced, explained and taught us all about the Agiloft platform in a very calm, polite, professional and friendly manner. I couldn't think of anyone else more qualified to lend her expertise about Agiloft than Talia.

Talia also has an ability to communicate effectively and simplified to a point that all of us understand the platform and all workflows. 

"Talia’s customer service skills are exemplary. She is one of the friendliest people that I know, and she always arrives with a smile on her face and a happy greeting at all of our meetings."

Talia is very patient and answers all my/our questions with great enthusiasm and dedication. Despite the ever-increasing scope of the project, and the work that she has to do, Talia consistently and without prejudice or any reservation, enthusiastically listens to all me and my co-workers and the other departments in our organisation to get a deep understanding of the workflows we require to be set up in the platform. 

I believe her patience, friendliness and professionalism is unequalled. I have not yet met a customer success manager as perfect as Talia. 

For me Talia is a true legend, she thoroughly deserves to be recognised for her work and talents.


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