It's easy being green

No action is too small when it comes to environmental sustainability and at SaaSam we've been taking little steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

We've recently stopped printing business cards, instead using digital business card software. Not only does it save on paper, ink and transport, but it's very hard to forget your business cards when they are always stored on your phone and can be sent to anyone electronically. 

As a tech company there are always plenty of retired computers, screens, keyboards and cords filling up our office, but instead of ending up in a rubbish dump, all of SaaSam's electronics are recycled and refurbished at nearby Cambridge business, Green Mouse Computing. More information about Green Mouse can be found here: greenmouse.co.nz

Like in any office, coffee is an essential part of every day and to be a bit more eco-friendly we only use a Nescafe coffee machine with fully recyclable pods. Along with ceramic cups and 'real' spoons, our caffeine addiction is a no-waste operation.