SaaSam’s CleverTRAK Software a Growing Success.

When New Zealand’s largest potato seed supplier went looking for a cloud-based software solution to centralise its operations and track crops, it didn’t have to dig too far afield. With off-the-shelf options proving limited, Eurogrow turned to SaaSam.

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Customized solutions for unique needs: Eurogrow's experience with SaaSam

“We realised pretty quickly there wasn’t anything on the market that met the needs of our business, so custom-designing was simply the best way to go because we could input everything we required,” explains Tony Hendrikse, general manager of Eurogrow.

“Heather and the SaaSam team really listened and worked with us to custom-develop CleverTRAK software to fit our business’ needs.” Quality assurance, ease of configuration and information accessibility were all essential requirements of SaaSam’s CleverTRAK software, alongside mobile capabilities. Because Eurogrow supplies growers throughout the country its software tracking abilities must stretch far and wide.

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Business Objectives:

Improve quality assurance

Easily configurable software

Remote access / mobile platform

Business Benefits:

Higher productivity with constant data access

Improved business intelligence

Better quality product 

Solution: Agiloft Customer Relationship Management

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Eurogrow's success with CleverTRAK

“We can now track multiple growers nationwide and we can collate necessary data with ease, providing our growers, for example, with crop quality check information; we can forewarn them of any issues and provide analysis on growing seasons and so forth,” explains Tony. “Our software affords us and our growers an added level of confidence and assurance.”

Implementation of CleverTRAK has also strengthened Eurogrow’s QA Manual. “We modified and adapted our QA manual to perform specific tasks and jobs which has streamlined a lot of our processes, making day-to-day life much less complicated,” he says. “Seed ordering, along with pest and disease monitoring were incorporated – all easily recorded and assessed.”

Empowering mobility and efficiency

CleverTRAK’s mobile capabilities have afforded Eurogrow time and productivity benefits. “Being able to access data whenever from wherever is huge for us – especially as we travel to Europe a lot to purchase the majority of our seeds,” explains Tony. “Wherever they are – overseas, in the office, or visiting growers – our employees can seamlessly input grower module information and collate and track multiple entity data.”

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Transparency and communication

Transparency – as much as efficiency – is essential to Eurogrow’s success and growth, which is why CleverTRAK has proven invaluable in communicating necessary information to its growers and potential clients. “Those working in the agricultural industry know just how challenging an environment it is – you are reliant on so many factors, not just the seasons,” explains Tony. “CleverTRAK has enabled us to maintain an open pathway of communication with our growers. We now possess the right tools – at our fingertips – to share a whole stream of information with them.”

Informed decision-making with comprehensive data

For example, Eurogrow can provide up-to-date PDF summaries and evaluation records of all their potatoes, i.e. a list of seed trials and how those trials compared. “Having these records on hand means that we can make accurate decisions and valuations about potato breeds we want to keep or what we may want to exit on,” says Tony. “We can also share with someone buying seeds, the physiological age of a seed, the relevant field inspection reports, crop harvesting records, which can all influence growing decisions.”

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