Your hunt for a modern phone system ends today.

Top features:

  • Make it easy for customers to reach you - With WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat to the traditional e-mail and phone, Freshdesk covers it all.
  • Engage customers with bots from Freddy AI - Powered by Freddy AI,  our easy-to-deploy bots track intent and engage with customers to resolve issues faster.
  • A customer engagement platform that does more - You'll love the advanced workflow automations, analytics, and self-service management tools.

Converse and collaborate at scale.


Freshcaller empowers your teams to create/respond to all opportunities with full context.


Freshcaller upgrades your current phone technology to a state-of-the-art routing and voice AI engine.

Beautifully simple

Freshcaller is a minimum-fuss maximum-love voice platform built just for you.

Freshcaller’s cloud-based phone solution gives you the flexibility to break free from your desk and work from anywhere. You can manage and run your phone operations seamlessly even while working remotely.

Deploy the best call routing engine complete with IVRs, smart escalations and best-in-class on-call capabilities for agents to transfer calls, notes or conference with others.

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